Washington, DC (WUSA9)--A pungent smell at a well known Maryland club; live roaches and ants; plus, poor refrigeration issues at one popular chain restaurant. These are just some of the violations WUSA9's investigative reporter, Russ Ptacek, uncovers in this week's Restaurant Alert.

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Inspectors temporarily closed Kim's Key Bridge Exxon, 3607 M Street, NW, DC; Dandy's Carryout, 2008 9th St NW, Washington, DC;Pho Nam Restaurant, 15924 Shady Grove Road, Gaithersburg, Md.; CiCi's Pizza, 1211 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Md.; Chipotle, 907 Ellsworth Drive, Silver Spring, Md.; Wing'sand Things and Pizza, 310 Main Street, Laurel, MD; Hangar Club, 6410 Old Branch Ave., Temple Hills, Md.

All the establishments passed re-inspections and are back in business.

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Hangar Club

It's part liquor store, strip club and place to grab a bite to eat; but, investigators shut the Hangar Club down for some smelly health code violations.

Located onBranch Avenue in Temple Hills, inspectors closed the Hangar Club citing 7 health code violations.

The inspection report says a complainant reported "extensive plumbing work being done in the facility."

When health officials arrived they noted a "Strong pungent smell of sewage in the kitchen." Also written up in the health inspection report a "Large pile of excavated dirt observed under the prep table."

WUSA9 didn't get past the parking lot with our cameras before we were told the owner wasn't available and we certainly couldn't look around.

Wings and Things and Pizza

During a follow-up inspection, health officials citedWings and Things and Pizza on Main Avenue in Laurel, Md. for a repeat violation of"live and dead roaches" on the floor of the kitchen area. Also noted "One dead a reach-in refrigerator; and "Live house flies" in the kitchen.

Officials also observed 3 unapproved household insecticide spray cans in the restaurant.

The manager said professional exterminators have solved the roach problem.

Kim's Key Bridge Exxon

In Georgetown at Kim's Key Bridge Exxon, inspectors closed the gas station convenience store area citing 15 health code violations.

Officials reported live roaches, ants, and gnats, no hot water at the hand washing sink as well as food employees using the mop sink for hand washing. Inspectors also reported coffee pots being washed in the hand washing sink.

Dandy's Carryout

On 9th Street NW, inspectors closed Dandy's Carryout citing 11 violations.

Inspectors noted the take out café for unclean food-contact surfaces, raw food stored over top of the ready to eat food and hot food items held at improper temperatures. They alsocited Dandy's for storing shrimp and fish sitting inside a bucket of water in the walk in unit.

The worker wouldn't let us look around and we saw an unhappy customer return his sub sandwich and get his money back.

CiCi's Pizza

In Rockville, inspectors closed CiCi's Pizza on Rockville Pike for a "roach infestation issue." The inspection report sayslive roaches were seen in a game room and main kitchen.

CiCi's was also cited for no certified food manager being present.

In a statement, CiCi's spokesperson said, "Quality and cleanliness are our top priorities. When we first learned of the problem, CiCi's management took extensive steps to resolve it."

Pho Nam

On Shady Grove Road, inspectors observed 25 health code violations at Pho Nam Restaurant.

Among the infractions, the Vietnamese restaurant was cited for storing containers of food on the floor, storing shrimp rolls at room temperature, and for not storing all of the potentially hazardous foods at the required 41 degrees or below.


In downtown Silver Spring, inspectors cited Chipotle on Ellsworth Drive with9 violations including operating with inadequate refrigeration.

Officials reported, "Cheese, sour cream, salsa and other potentially hazardous foods" stored inside of a prep cooler at 50-degree temperatures which could make you sick.

In a statement, Chipotle said, "Our team identified the issue, and crews were there to fix the equipment when the health department arrived for a routine inspection. All of the issues were addressed."

This is the third closure in two monthsfor a Chipotle in the DC Metro area.

All restaurants we visited passed re-inspection and are back in business.

Air Date: September 19, 2013

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