WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Eyewitnesses spoke to media after they were escorted out of a bus that brought them out of the Navy Yard building where a 34-year-old gunman killed 13 people and wounded several.

Antoinette Procterwho who was on the opposite side of the shooting incident heard the sirens and soon after, Police came through and told every one to 'lock down', after which she and her colleagues barricaded themselves. She says, "I didn't wake up this morning to experience this...It was very frustrating to be locked down all those hours and not know when they were going to let us go home." She also said there are still hundreds of people locked down.

"I am on my way home to my children," she said joyful as she was able to get out safely but concerned for the families of the people who were killed.

"By the grace of God, we all are fine but we are praying for the families of the people that did die."

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