(Sports Network) - OK, it's show of hands time.

Anyone who looked at the schedule and said, "Yes, either Green Bay orWashington will be winless after two weeks," please accept yourcongratulations. As for the rest of us, it'll be a bit jarring when 4 p.m.Sunday rolls around and one of these two 2012 NFC divisional champions is 0-2.

But that's exactly what'll happen three or so hours after the visitingRedskins head to Lambeau Field to meet the host Packers amid the Week 2 "must-win" hyperbole.

"You never want to start 0-2," Washington wide receiver Pierre Garcon said. "Iknow it's going to be loud, it's their home opener and we're looking forwardto a good game."

Green Bay was lit up by San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick in itsopener, in which the youngster threw for a career-best 412 yards and threescores while running for just 22 yards. Eight months earlier, the tattooedphenom went for 181 yards on the ground while single-handedly ending thePackers' postseason hopes in an NFC Divisional Playoff matchup.

"When you're playing a quarterback that has those kinds of talents and canmove around and has a strong arm, you've got to be able to (stop both)," saidDom Capers, the Packers' beleaguered defensive coordinator. "We played onephase well, we didn't play the other phase well enough."

On the surface, Washington QB Robert Griffin III would appear to presentsimilar challenges to Kaepernick, but the former Heisman winner and rookiesensation slogged through a desultory opener against Philadelphia -- throwingtwo interceptions and losing a fumble in the Redskins' surprising 33-27loss on Monday night.

Griffin ran for a QB-best 815 yards last season, but had offseason kneesurgery and spent months hearing questions about whether the Washington braintrust was rushing him back too quickly.

After the loss to the Eagles, though, neither he nor coach Mike Shanahan wouldhear it.

"I'm responsible for the way I play," Griffin said. "You move on from it. I'mnot going to sit here and say I was rusty. I've got to be accountable."

Shanahan spread the responsibility to the other 10 on offense as well.

"I don't critique players though the media," he said. "We didn't do the thingsoffensively that we needed to do as a group."

Regardless, Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy had no qualms about discussing theissues raised by a threat like Griffin on the heels of a match withKaepernick.

"(Griffin is) a mobile quarterback that has the ability to stretch thedefense," McCarthy said. "He has the ability to make plays in space and he canmake all the throws. In any Mike Shanahan offense, it starts with running thefootball."

Washington went to the playoffs thanks to a prodigious run game in 2012, whenit gained a league-best 169.3 yards per week. Against the Eagles, however, theRedskins managed only 74 yards, led by 45 on 12 rushes from Alfred Morris.

In terms of pace, the Washington defense may see against Green Bay some of thesame up-tempo attack that served the Eagles so well.

Aaron Rodgers threw for 333 yards and three TDs against the Niners, hittingJordy Nelson and Reggie Cobb seven times each for a combined 238 yards.Second-round pick Eddie Lacy, the Alabama runner the Packers hope willrevitalize their ground game, debuted with 41 yards on 14 rushes.

Green Bay had 63 rush yards as a team.

"It's one game, we lost, now we go back home," Rodgers said. "You want to lookat the big picture but also address the things you did wrong. We're going todo that and be back."


The Packers were burned in Week 1 when a running quarterback stayed in thepocket and riddled them for 412 passing yards. The Redskins have the tools toapproach those gaudy numbers with Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan on theoutside, Morris out of the backfield and Fred Davis at tight end.

Capers will have to force a rusty RG3 out of his comfort zone.

On the flip side, Philadelphia confounded the Redskins with the Chip KellyOregon-style attack, and, while the Packers might not reach that level ofoffensive plays, they're certainly capable of getting up and down the fieldquickly. Washington defensive backs DeAngelo Hall and Josh Wilson will bechallenged, and Brian Orakpo will need to get his pass rush on to harassRodgers.


The Packers have holes and the Redskins have holes. The problem forWashington, however, is that Green Bay has seemed just fine lately againstteams not named San Francisco and quarterbacks not named Colin.

Unless Griffin suddenly looks a lot more comfortable in Week 2 than he did inWeek 1, it would appear that he and his teammates are staring down a similarresult.

Sports Network predicted outcome: Packers 30, Redskins 21

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