FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WUSA9) -- The Fairfax County serial 'butt slasher' has been sentenced.

The Peruvian man who snuck up on young female shoppers and cut them, will spend 7 years in prison.He was accused of cutting at least 8 women's backsides at shopping malls and retail stores.

Euclides Paredes, Pimentel's friend says, "He's very nice, He's normal like any other. "

'Normal' would hardly describe Johnny Guillen Pimentel's behavior in 2011. He not only inflicted pain but fear among female shoppers in Fairfax County.

The serial slasher left a 3-inch gash on the buttocks of a 20-year old pregnant woman leaving Fair Oaks. We talked to her two years ago on July 28th, 2011.

She recalls, "There was blood all over my hand," "It was ridiculous. I started freaking out."

It would take a year for police to capture Pimentel in his native country of Peru.Police caught him at a shopping mall, perhaps before he would strike again.

He used an Exacto knife or box cutter to slash the bottoms of at least 8 women and girls between the ages of 15-21 at Fair Oaks and Tysons Corner shopping malls.

He would strike from behind, cut them and runaway. He did this for months.The prosecutor said in court, 'We still don't know the awful and bizarre motivation but we do know his actions were terrible.' We may never know why. Some criminal profilers suggest Pimentel suffers from a disorder and may get some type of sexual gratification from what he did.

Euclides Paredes is a friend of Pimentel's and came to the courthouse to support him. He tells WUSA9 that he doesn't know either why he attacked women. The judge accepted the slasher's plea deal, reducing 9 different counts to 4 including malicious wounding charges.

The judge gave him 7 years.

Euclides Paredes says, "I respect the judge decision. I can't explain it, He was normal, working for some company ,spend time with family when this happen."

After serving his sentence he will be deported to Peru.

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