WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- While the President was making a case for the United States to strike Syria, dozens of people protested outside the White House gates against the use of force in Syria. Counter-protesters also showed up just as passionate wanting the U.S to intervene.

"No more war!"

"Stop the killing, stop the hate!"

The shouting came to a fever pitch.

Police arrested a man for spitting on someone and was later released.Protesters who couldn't be further apart on what they stand for came face to face in front of the White House and started shouting at each other.

Kaitlyn Furey, Hands of Syria, "This is a crime, going into another country, not just killing rebels but innocent people, bombing innocent people? What would we think if someone did this to our country?"

Obadah, wants US involvement, "these innocent children are being killed for the past three years has got to stop. The UN came out saying the Syrian government did use chemical weapons against Syrian people."

Eddie Sobati, Against US involvement, "I have a deep belief that it's not Assad regime who did the chemical attack."

Mounted police moved in to separate the protesters as things got heated and emotions escalated.

"Part of me feels we should stop the killing, but we have a lot of experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. We do not want it repeated," said Richard Pickard, who is visiting from Rhode Island and is torn on the issue.

Many say they have no appetite for another U.S. war overseas.

Lana Safah, for U.S. involvement, "If the US can get involved in a way that can uphold humanitarian rights without embroiling us in another war, I'm all for it."

Obadah, "of course we are not asking to drop bombs no one wants that, we just want the U.S. to weaken the government."

"We think the U.S policy is to dominate the oil rich region. The Middle East should make the decision," Brian Becker said.

Protesters left more passionate about their beliefs as we wait for the next move by the United States. President Obama announced on Saturday that he will seek Congressional authorization to strike Syria.

U.S. Navy ships are already in position in the Mediterranean Sea. A U.S. intelligence says more than 1,400 civilians, including more than 400 children died from chemical weapons.

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