SPRINGFIELD, Va. (WUSA9) -- People are doing great things in our community, and the "Jaguar Lady" is no exception. Debbie Harrill is a master mechanic, chef, and dancer...and she does it all from her exclusive Jaguar workshop in Springfield, Virginia.

It's easy to want to spend all day at the Topline Jaguar shop with owner Debbie Harrill. She's been at it for 23 years, and has gained respect in what she calls typically an "old-boys network."

Debbie Harrill says, "I'm not sure there's many other females that would want to do's dirty, and it's hot ..this is an extremely technical job here at Top Line."

But don't let her master mechanic fa├žade fool you because there's quite a transformation at the workshop from day to night. The lounge changes into a beautiful dance studio. After her long hours at the shop, Debbie Harrillfelt she needed a place to relax and exercise with friends. What better place than her own waiting room?

"People are really surprised when they walk in there and they see the lobby....When they see me out here diagnosing cars and working with the staff, they just couldn't imagine me doing something of that nature, feminine-like..." sharedDebbie Harrill.

The Dance studio is private, but Debbie Harrillsomeday hopes to open it to the public.

She even makes the staff feel like family with her daily home-cooked lunches. Mechanic Aaron Whitcher says, "Everybody sits at the table. It's a good bonding experience. All the guys get to sit down and talk for an hour."

It's been a long road, the hours are demanding, but this Top Line Jag Lady is a top class act.

She told us, "I love seeing the Jaguar. The Jaguars are beautiful, they're breathtaking..and walking out here and seeing this room full of Jags is sometimes what makes it worth it for me."

Top Line Jaguar is located at 7956 Twist Ln,Springfield, VA 22153. To find out more visit,

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