WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Bradley Manning, is he a hero or a traitor?

It's a question being asked right now. Manning was sentenced today to 35 years in prison for releasing classified documents.

Protesters chanted on the street in front of the White House with a message for President Obama: Free Bradley Manning.

In their eyes, Manning is a hero who didn't sit by quietly so neither are they. The men and women here want President Obama to pardon the former Army intelligence analyst.

Richard Ochs believes "The only people he was spying for was the American people, so they could know what was going and what the government was doing".

Prosecutors wanted Manning to serve 60 years hoping to send a clear message that leaking classified documents won't be tolerated. Protestors here today question that logic.

Ochs says that's based on a fraudulent premise "That he harmed this country."

But Frank Gaffney with the non-profit Center for Security Policy says Manning did damage our national security and justice was served today. He believes Manning acted as quote the "declassification authority" - in the process, helping our enemies understand how we gather information and giving them insight into what we know.

Manning's supporters obviously have a different take on it.

Farah Muhsin is with the Bradley Manning Support Network, which has raised over a million dollars for Manning's defense.

Muhsin says, "By legal definition is a whistle-blower, he tried to help by bringing transparency to the American public at a time when no one else was doing anything about it".

Manning will continue fighting, appealing the decision and asking for a Presidential pardon. The Bradley Manning Support Network will also continue fighting and raising money.

But the debate continues about whether he a hero or a traitor.

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