MCLEAN, Va. (WUSA9) -- Tonight the McLean All Stars are playing in the Little League Softball World Series Championship game against Arizona.

They play at 11 p.m. McLean time on ESPN2.Back at home, Gabbi Norton is nervous.

Gabbi is a pitcher on the team and would be there in Portland right now, had it not been for what the doctor told her the day before she was supposed to leave.

"She said, you tested positive for mono. I'm sorry you can't play. And that was just a heartbreaking moment for me," said Gabbi.

Her softball buddies couldn't believe it.

"She pitched so well. She pitched a shutout came, the last game to win the regional's. To then not be able to go to the World Series is so sad," reflected friend Caroline French.

It was especially tough for Gabbi's mom.

"I just was in denial. No, this is just not happening," said Lemya Norton who at first thought that her daughter could fly out a day or two later. But one test put a stop to that plan.

"I had a sonogram of my spleen and it said that it was enlarged beyond my ribcage and that could be fatal," said Gabbi.

There was crying that first day, but then, Gabbi moved on and stopped feeling sorry for herself, realizing there was nothing she could do but cheer on her team.

"If I wasn't going to be there, I really hope that they're going to win it all," said Gabbi.

Her teammates in Portland talked to WUSA9 via Skype tonight and expressed their thanks for Gabbi's support. They said they are focused on winning the game tonight, though they already had to pack for an early flight Thursday morning.

"She's handling it better than me, way better!" exclaimed Lemya who was very impressed with out her daughter is handling the disappointment. Learning to deal with disappointment in a positive way is a life lesson many parents who their children learn by playing sports.

"We can learn a lot from our children, " said Mclean Little President Mike Mendler. He praised Gabbi for her attitude and said she is part of a special and very talented team that could be back in Portland next year.

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