(WUSA9) -- WUSA9 is not letting up, searching for answers, in the death of Ethan Saylor, a Frederick man with Down syndrome who died in police custody after being taken out of a movie theater for not having a ticket.

We spoke to Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins. At first, he didn't want to talk about Ethan Saylor, and although he wouldn't go on camera, he said he stands by the three deputies in whose custody Ethan died.

Sheriff Jenkins also says he believes his men did not use excessive force, and that once the United States Justice Department is done with their investigation, he feels his men will be exonerated.

Meanwhile, the "Justice for Ethan" movement is growing.

It has its own hashtag, and people in the Down syndrome community are rising up.

Ethan Saylor died after three Frederick County Sherriff's deputies moonlighting as movie theater security removed him in handcuffs for apparently not having a second ticket to see a second showing of the film, Zero Dark Thirty, back in January.

The autopsy deemed his death a homicide by way of asphyxiation, but those three deputies were found to be in the clear.

Many are asking why there's not more outrage and more media coverage, including Professor David Perry from Illinois, in his piece he wrote for The Nation.

Perry says everyone should be outraged, asking, "Does that mean that the police have to respond with violence at the moment, he's not threatening them, he doesn't have a weapon regardless of the disability, and that to me is one of the messages where I'm trying to get this story out past just people like me. I have a son with Down Syndrome, I see the pictures of Ethan Saylor I think about my son, but what about the people who don't have that experience?"

No one wants justice more than Ethan's mom, Patti.

"People should be outraged for their disabled children and their non-disabled children. They should be outraged that a young man in his community goes to the theater and doesn't come home." she said.

We thank Sheriff Jenkins for his time tonight, but he did say the media is only giving one side. We invite him to sit down with us to answer the questions so many of us have, such as why did Ethan have to be taken out of that theater, setting off a series of events that ended with his death?

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