WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- Solomon Nassar landed in the repair shop with his troubled smart phone.

"It just basically stopped working," he says.

The problems also spread to this computer.

"Well, they both picked up a virus when I downloaded an app, a free app from the Internet," says Nassar.

Consumer Reportstested 16 Android security apps designed to keep your mobile devices safe.

"These apps protect against threats like viruses and malware, and they also help you, if your phone is lost or stolen, to remotely lock it or find it or wipe it," says Dean Gallea.

Tests checked to see how well each app protects a user's privacy and also assess extras the apps have to offer.

Gallea says, "We looked at the apps' ease of use and also their vulnerability, including such features as being able to back up your phone or parental controls."

While some of the apps cost as much as $40 bucks a year, you don't have to pay for good mobile protection.

"It turns out you can't go by price because some of the best apps we tested were free, and some of the lower rated ones were the most expensive," Dean Gallea says.

And, one of the best is free. It's theAvast! Mobile Security and Antivirus app.

It has nice features like parental controls, automatic backup and an alarm you can activate if your device goes missing.

There have been few reports of problems with viruses and malware with iPhones because Apple's store is the only source for apps.

However, no phone is immune to theft. And, if you have an iPhone, you can use the "find my iPhone" feature to locate your phone or remotely lock or delete all data to prevent a thief from accessing it.

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