WASHINGTON (WUSA9) --The alleged Washington paint splasher sits in jail while police try and connect her to the vandalism spree at three other landmarks, including the Lincoln Memorial.

It has been about 30 hours since the 58-year-old woman whose name is listed asJia M. Tian in court documents,was arrested for the paint splatter vandalism at the National Cathedral, and you can't escape the striking similarities between that crime and the vandalism found at the Lincoln Memorial last Friday, so how tough is it to connect the dots?

U.S. Park Police say there is surveillance video from the Lincoln Memorial crime. One can surmise that could either lead straight to Tian or cancel her out.

We asked police the questions on a lot of people's minds.

Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier says, "We do not have definitive connection to the other cases but right now we are looking at three prior cases."

Case 1: The green and white paint discovered last Friday at the Lincoln Memorial.

A possible clue from witness Jason Gilliss whose family shared pictures with WUSA9 says, "I saw this soda bottle, this Mountain Dew bottle, it was open and it had this green paint, it was spilled over all around the bottle. Then I noticed footprints from the soda can going all the way to the pedestal of the monument." In the court document from Tian's arrest Monday, it says when officers approached Tian on Cathedral grounds, she had a soda can filled with green paint in her hand.

Case 2: The statue of Joseph Henry outside the Smithsonian Castle.

This vandalism looks different. Here, the green paint formed what looks like symbols. U.S. Park Police confirm Tian is a person of interest in these two cases but they say she invoked her Miranda rights and refused to talk to Park Police. We asked Park Police if Tian shows up in the surveillance video at the two spots. They told us they don't know.

Case 3:The organ, the exterior, and statue of Martin Luther at the Luther Memorial Church at Thomas Circle, found splattered with paint, mixed with urine and feces.

This crime is under the jurisdiction of DC Police. We called and asked if they are testing the paint to see if it matches. They say they can't comment.

Our last call was to the Park Police Union. They did not return our call.

However, Ian Glick, of the US Park Police Union issued a statement when this vandalism was discovered saying that cops at the memorials need more funding and that could help deter this from happening again.

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