RICHMOND, Va. (WUSA) -- On Monday I spent my entire day holding 30 second interviews with as many Redskins as I could. I wanted to know if they had to describe Robert Griffin III in one word, what would it be?

Josh Wilson had the most peculiar answer, saying the word "keystar," to me over the telephone. On Tuesday he clarified he actually meant "Quistar" the up and coming rapper Griffin III frequently tweets about. Wilson says Quistar is RGIII's "homeboy," but the cornerback isn't too keen of the hip-hop music.

"It's terrible. Quistar goes like 'I'm looking through the window seeing Robert get a haircut'. I'm like 'what?!' Who is this dude," Wilson said while myself and another reporter laughed hysterically.

Wilson had higher praise for RGIII's first single "Pop Rocks and Tootsie Pops," released shortly after Griffin's wedding. Here is a link to the music video.

"It was an interesting song. Man, it was actually funny. I'm all about doing crazy things. So I liked it, but we just need to teach his backup singers a little on keeping with the beat."

I figured I should ask at least one legitimate football question to Wilson. I wondered if it was tough for him to mentor fellow cornerback David Amerson, knowing that advice he gives the rookie may end up sending Wilson to the bench.

"I got drafted into Seattle as a second round pick and had Marcus Trufant, who they gave a $50 million contract to. And a first rounder Kelly Jennings before me. But we always accepted the best man would play."

Wilson later added he doesn't haze rookies. Somehow I find that hard to believe.

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