(CBS NEWS/WUSA9) -- WHP's Ewa Roman says that a couple gotup-close-and-personal with musician Dave Matthews, when they foundhim stranded on the side of a Pennsylvania road after his bicycle broke down.

Matthews was on his way to a Hershey Park show when his bike broke down. He didn't have a cell phone.

Emily Kraus says she and her boyfriendhelped Matthews put his bike on the bike rack of their car. Then, Matthews got in their car and they got him to the concert on time. Kraus admitted she didn't really know how to talk to him, but he started talking about the previous shows and how he was taking a break after this show to take his daughter to camp.

Matthews expressed his gratitude for the lift by inviting the couple to dinner. He also signed their tickets. The couple was able to go backstage at the concert and enjoyed the concert from the front row.

Kraus says she still is having trouble believing what happened!

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