WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- The fifth annual Congressional Women's Softball Game is just hours away.

It's a battle between bi-partisan congresswomen and the Capitol Hill press corps. Ahead of the game, WUSA9's Kristin Fisher scoped out both teams' practices to get an inside look at this fight for softball supremacy.

"These are the most competitive women in the world, outside of the Olympics," said Abby Livingston, a political reporter for CQ Roll Call. "It's a very, very competitive grudge match."

Livingston is a captain on the Press Team, also known as the Bad News Babes.

"We are the defending world champions of Congressional Women's Softball. That's how we refer to ourselves," said Livingston, who helped the Bad News Babes triumph over the Members of Congress in 2012.

Maryland Congresswoman Donna Edwards calls Livingston, "My Nemesis!"

"We've been doing some serious trash talking over the years," says Edwards, who's played in the Congressional Women's Softball Game all five years.

Edwards may appear to be buttoned-up on Capitol Hill, but she is a beast at first base. During a particularly brutal practice at the end of May, Edwards collided with a teammate at first base.

"I got creamed at first base and it knocked me out! I broke my nose!" said Edwards. "In previous years, I've injured my knee. I've broken my hand. Now, I'm all healed, ready to go, ready to win."

For the last two-and-a-half months, both teams have held hour-long practices two to three times a week before work.

"Can you imagine? Two-and-a-half months of practice to play one game?" said Edwards. "We are really aggressively practicing. We get up. We do conditioning. We run. We field."

Players from both teams admit to spying on each others' practices.

"I don't know if I would call it spying. I would call it coincidental power walking," said Livingston.

On Twitter, the trash-talking is a daily occurrence ahead of the game.

"I was just innocently tweeting about golf. I asked, 'How do you spell choke? Sergio!' And what do the Bad News Babe's come back and say? They say, 'C-o-n-g-r-e-s-s.' In your dreams!"

Despite the talk, there's a tremendous amount of pride among both teams that this game is even possible.

"This has actually been some of the most fun that I've had since I've been in Congress and part of the reason is because you just get to know people in a completely different way," said Edwards.

"I think what's amazing is that you could not have had this game twenty years ago. It's really great that there are this many women in Congress," said Livingston.

It's a rivalry that's rich with mutual respect. But on game day, it could get ugly.

"Bad News Babes, you're going to be on the losing end," said Edwards.

"Game on Congresswoman!" replied Livingston.

The game will take place today, June 26th at 7 p.m. at the Watkins Recreation Center on Capitol Hill. Tickets are $10 and all proceeds go to the Young Survival Coalition, a non-profit dedicated to raising funds and awareness for young women with breast cancer. For more information, visit the Congressional Women's Softball Game's website.

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