WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- A bear scampering through one of DC's most expensive neighborhoods led police and animal control officers on a two-hour search Wednesday.

The capture and eventual re-release were all caught on camera.

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Police blocked off the neighborhood near Glenbrook Rd. and 49th St. NW at about 9 a.m.

Slow motion video of the captured bear, carried out on a canvas tarp, shows a very peaceful, tranquilized black bear - a stark contrast from the two hour hunt.

The bear ran from one multi-million dollar home's backyard to the next with police and animal control officer in chase.

Phone video shows animal control officers restaging from one yard along Glenbrook Road NW near 49th to the other.

Even after being darted, the black bear continued running about twenty minutes.

The estate-like landscaping of the neighborhood near Rock Creek Park and American University may have not only been a draw but provided cover as well.

"There's thick bamboo back there...we were jumping over thickets, we were jumping over fences going over thorn bushes," said Scott Giacoppo with the Washington Humane Society. "I was running with them, so we were behind every address in the area...the whole Glenbrook area."

Two hours later, the darted, tranquilized bear fell to the ground, deep asleep.

WUSA9 video shows the animal hauled to an animal control vehicle for its journey into rural Montgomery County.

Washington Humane Society video shows officials releasing the groggy black bear, estimated at one-year-old, as it gathers its balance and slowly crawls away.

The Washington Humane Society saysAnimal Care and Control Officers tranquilized and trappedthe bear near the intersection of 49th and Glenbrook Lane in NW.

"...all partners are working to release the bear in a to-be-determined location outside of the District," said WHS in a press release on Wednesday.

Everyone is safe, including the bear.

The black bear was safely released back into the wilnderness in the western part of Montgomery County, Md, according to the Washington Humane Society.

Bear sightings have been reported all over our viewing area recently. The Glen Echo Heights Citizens Association said in an email on Tuesday night that a woman spotted a bear on her back deck.

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