ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA9) -- With the official start of summer this weekend, lots of outdoor festivals are starting all over the DC area and this is a special one.

This Saturday is the annual Alexandria Food & Wine festival. Featured chef Matthew Miller from Trademark joined us Wednesday morning with "bacon candy." Chef Miller will be serving this treat at the festival.

He told us, "The most important thing is you get really good bacon, and you'll probably need to go to your butcher or go to your supermarket ahead of time and say 'don't slice it.I want it whole."

Hecut it half an inch thick and put on the secret spice (red pepper flakes.) Then you putbrown sugar all over the bacon, making sure you don't have big lumps.

Put the bacon in the oven at 230 degreesFahrenheit for one hour and 40 minutes. Then, you'll have candied bacon. Cut it, put sticks on it, and it's a great appetizer to have with your friends!

Chef Miller will also be servingnew drinks at Trademark, that are fresh juices made from pure vegetables and fruits. Trademark will be selling these for a couple of tickets at the festival this weekend.

Find out more about the festival here: http://www.alexandriafoodandwine.com/

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