WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- This week on Capital 9 Sports Weekly, Malcolm and Kevin discuss the lackluster play of the Washington Nationals and the optimistic Washington Wizards, who have the third pick in this year's NBA Draft.

The Nationals have vastly under performed by all standards, and now 69 games into the season, their future is getting dimmer by the inning. The guys do share some of the same opinions on the Nats but have contrasting views on who the Wizards should take with their third pick.

Kevin breaks down the Nationals performance into the fundamentals of the game and gives the club some grades that may surprise you. Though their lack of offense has been an issue, Kevin questions the teams' mental state, which could be an even greater issue then their poor offensive production. In regards to the Wizards first round pick, Jones strays away from the consensus choice and thinks a power forward from Canada may be a better selection.

Malcolm looks past the Nationals record and questions their leadership, or lack there of. The clubhouse at times seems to lack a voice and more often then not, Davey Johnsontakes the blame for the teams inefficiencies. When it come to the Wizards, Malcolm favors a small forward who played his college ball here in the nations capital.

Sit back, press play, and watch these guys give their thoughts on teams who surprisingly, may be going in different directions.