ARLINGTON, Va. (WUSA9) -- Family members of victims in the Sandy Hook School shooting returned to Capitol Hill to put pressure on lawmakers to enact gun control measures.

This visit is just a couple of days ahead of the six month anniversary of the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut that left20 children and six adults dead.

But there's one family who stayed far from Capitol Hill and talked with our reporter, Surae Chinn about keeping their daughter's memories alive.

Six-year-old Catherine Violet Hubbard had an intense passion for animals.

Jenny Hubbard, Catherine's mother says, "So she created business cards and said that one day she'd rescue the animals."

Catherine's mom and dad are making their daughter's dream come true.

Catherine's 8-year-old brother lived through the horror that day, but his little sister never came out of Sandy Hook Elementary School alive.

"Here we are 6 months later, and I still think she'll come barreling down the hallway. It's harder now that it's quieter. We are scared to death about summer."

Trying to move forward, the family sat down to figure out what Catherine would want in her animal sanctuary.

"Sheep, goats, cows all the animals she loved when she was out and about."

They've partnered with the Animal Center in Newtown and plan on building a place for education, where animals can heal and be rescued.

Besides the many animals that will be in the sanctuary, one thing it must have is a butterfly garden.

"She would send them on their way and always tell us if we're kind to them they'll tell their families that I'm kind and come back."

While families are on Capitol Hill for gun reform laws Wednesday, the Hubbards have purposely stayed away. They say Catherine wouldn't have understood politics.

"She understands animals and she understand the love for them. As her parents, our responsibility is to promote her memory. From the very beginning we said let's heal our family. Let's make sure Freddy's okay. He's going to be alright, he's going to be a productive and successful person for who he is and we'll build Catherine's legacy. If we can do those two things we've succeeded."

$500, 000 has been raised so far.

Their goal is to raise enough money in the beginning to build the Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary and for it to sustain itself for five years.

It will be built in Newtown Connecticut.

To donate go to this website: http://www.theanimalcenter.org/

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