WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- I'm really not a fan of Sci-Fi movies like Lord of The Rings, but occasionally I get roped into watching one of them.

Whenever I do watch those movies the thing that strikes me is how incredibly creepy the "creatures" are. These days CGI makes it possible for Hollywood to make all kinds of hideous beasts for the big screen, and they don't disappoint. Half-jungle monkey/half-troll type things with bumps sticking out of their heads always deliver not only fantastic performances but ensuing nightmares for viewers.

Enter these photos of this real-life "bearded pig" that I stumbled across on the

Smithsonian Wild website

. It took me a bit to believe this creature was real because it's just that disturbing to look at.

According to Smithsonian Wild, the "Bearded Pig, Sus barbatus, (and other pigs in these photos were) photographed in Malaysia."

Mark the Malaysian jungle as one place I will NEVER go...the bearded pig is one of the creepiest animals I've seen in my entire life.

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(Photos from Smithsonian Wild)

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