WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Living in Washington, D.C. can be expensive but visiting it can be expensive, too. According to a recent survey, D.C. is the 7th most expensive city in the nation to visit for two people, says TripAdvisor.

In a TripIndex Cities survey comparing the cost of an average hotel stay per night, cocktails for two, two-course dinner with a bottle of wine and round-trip taxes fares in major cities,* the average totalcost of a trip to the nation's capital is $446.13. That price is just for one night out for two people.

Here's the breakdown of costsfor D.C.:

Average cost of a hotel: $324.41

Average cost of a return taxi trip: $17.72

Average cost of dinner for two: $74.00

Average cost of cocktails for two: $30.00

Six other cities beat out D.C. for the most expensive major cities to visit, according to the survey. They are:

  1. Honolulu, Hawaii - $504.94 total
  2. New York City, New York - $504.25
  3. Boston, Massachusetts - $473.59
  4. San Francisco, California - $471.89
  5. Chicago, Illinois - $448.45
  6. Los Angeles, California - $447.61

See where other U.S. cities rank here:

For people looking for more of a bargain, here are the top7 least expensive U.S. cities to visit:

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada - $272.94
  2. Miami, Florida - $318.62
  3. Dallas, Texas - $328.55
  4. Atlanta, Georgia - $331.14
  5. Portland, Oregon - $347.67
  6. New Orleans, Louisiana - $348.66
  7. Houston, Texas - $355.23

*TripAdvisor says the prices were recorded between March and April 2013. Hotel prices are the average cost per night of a room at a four-star hotel found on TripAdvisor in each destination for the summer travel period (June 1 - August 31, 2013). Cocktail pricesare the average cost of two traditional dry martinis from a top-rated five-star hotel bar on TripAdvisor in each destination. Dinner prices are the average cost of a appetizer and main course for two people with a bottle of house (or cheapest available) white wine (from three mid-range restaurants in each destination). Taxi pricesare the approximate cost of two taxi rides of two miles each (representing an evening's round-trip transportation).

If you're looking to travel globally, then you may want to check out TripAdvisor's international cities list:

The two most expensive international cities are Oslo, Norway and Zurich, Switzerland ($581.08 and $523.41, respectively) while the two most inexpensive international cities are are Sofia, Bulgaria and Hanoi, Vietnam ($158.42 and 176.14, respectively), according to TripAdvisor.

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