WOODBINE, Md. (WUSA9) - Just 30 seconds. That's all it took for mother nature to tear through Dennis and Mary Davison's backyard in the 3200 block of Starting Gate Court.

"It was too quick to respond," says Mary Davison.

"My son looked out the window and said 'dad check this out' and I saw a dark funnel cloud and debris flying all over the place," added Dennis Davison. "Little did I know it was my garage."

The couple's detached 2 car garage was torn to pieces, a nearby shed was demolished. The walls and roof are scattered about along with its contents including bicycles, tires, dumbbells, lawnmowers, and a 150 pound transmission.

Mr. Davison says the wind so strong it moved his car 6 feet. "It just moved across the garage floor," he explained, "and several lawnmowers piled up on top of it and those lawnmowers are 1500 pounds. I don't know where the rest of the stuff is."

But we found some of it about a mile away a large piece of plywood that looked like a piece of the roof was lying in a neighbor Gerry Anderson's yard along with the side entrance door to the garage. "We ran to the basement and something hit the house and it shook for about 30 seconds and then it stopped and got real quiet," he recalled.

Lucia Patrone was rushing to get home with 9-month-old Nicholas before the storm when she got stuck in traffic on Route 70 for two hours. "My husband said don't come home a tornado hit our neighborhood," she said. When she finally made it to the neighborhood she spotted the Davison's yard. "I pulled in and said 'Oh dear God' what am I coming home to?"

Thankfully, there was no damage to her home, butt her heart goes out to her neighbors now left to deal with all the damage. But amidst the rubble, Mary Davison sees a silver lining. "It's just stuff, we're all OK so we'll just deal with it."

The National Weather Service headed to Howard County to make its determination on Tuesday morning. Officials say they will have the results on Wednesday.

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