WASHINGTON (WUSA9) Science proves that daily use of sunscreen slows skin aging.

We have been warned by our parents since we were children about the negative affects of sun on our skin. Sunscreen and antioxidants have been the leading choices to combat skin aging, however, theeffectiveness of sunscreenhas never fully been proven until now.

An Australianstudy published in theAnnals of Internal Medicineshows daily sunscreen use does in fact slow skin aging. Researchers studied 903 participants under the age of 55 in order to see how regular use of sunscreen, beta-carotene supplements, or a placebo affected skin aging. Participants were randomly assigned to one of four groups: daily use of sunscreen and beta-carotene supplements, daily use of sunscreen and placebo, discretionary use of sunscreen and beta-carotene, and discretionary use of sunscreen and placebo.

Results over the course of four years showed there was 24% less skin aging in the daily usage groups than the discretionary usage groups. Participants of every age group experienced skin saving with the daily usage of sunscreen.

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