WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- The former executive director of the Public Employee Relations Board of the District of Columbia is blowing the whistle on what he describes as discriminatory practices from 2 board members.

Ondray Harris, who resigned from his position as PERB's executive director in May, is singling out board members Don Wasserman and Ann Hoffman.

Harris tells WUSA9 the pair ordered him to stop hiring anyone suspected of having conservative political affiliations. He says it went one step further when he was told to stop hiring "white employees."

He talkedabout the moment he was given those instructions."That's the angriest I've ever been in my life. I actually slammed my hand down on the table...stood up and got ready to walk out of the room," he said.

The allegations began last year but Harris finally resigned in May of 2013.

He says he is coming forward so that the PERB board will be thoroughly investigated. According to him there are plenty of employees within PERB that share the same sentiments, but fear retaliation if they speak up.

His efforts in making the allegations public, he tells us, are for those employees.

Harris said, "The ultimate goal here is to offer protection to the employees that are still there."

WUSA9 tried contacting Wasserman and Hoffman but never heard back.

Pedro Ribiero, a spokesman from D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray's office offered the following statement:

"We have urged the Chair of the PERB to review the allegations, and if found credible, they should be forwarded to the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability and the Office of Humans Rights.

In addition, the PERB Chair is bringing in an outside, independent investigator, and we look forward to reviewing the results of that review."

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