RIVERDALE, Md. (WUSA9) -- A fire in Riverdale last year left several firefighters hurt. A new report reveals a litany of mistakes made from the time the first firefighters arrived on the scene.

It was February of last year when Prince George's County firefighters responded to an abandoned house fire in Riverdale, Md. What would have been a routine call turned into a disaster.

Seven firefighters were burnt, two of them critically.

Investigators eventually determined it was an arson fire. Also, the investigation found in part that basic firefighting training had been ignored. There was no outside assessment of the fire. There was no plan of attack. Firefighters had been dangerously positioned above the basement fire. When they entered through the front door, a fireball came shooting.

The report also includes a lot of recommendations that the Prince George's County Fire Department andfire departmentsacross the country can use to prevent future injuries and possibly save some lives.

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