WASHINGTON (WUSA9) --- "Imma be a super star," said sixth-grader Indiya.

For the past six years, Indiya has been studying with an after-school tutor at Horton's Kids. The non-profit organization offers tutoring and enrichment programs for children living in two subsidized apartments in Ward 8.

Often children in low-income neighborhoods don't get the chance to learn beyond classroom hours. In Anacostia Horton's Kids strives to offer a brighter future for vulnerable youth age 5 to 18 years old.

Indiya has already gotten noticed for her smarts. She attends one-on-one tutoring with Sarah, one of over 500 volunteer tutors in the program. Tutoring sessions take place inside the Rayburn Building on Capitol Hill and at the U.S. Department of Education.

"Indiya has always been one of our very good stars. She's very well behaved. She's very sweet, she's very smart," praised Julie Lonardo, Community Empowerment Director at Horton's Kids.

In addition, the middle-school student frequents the Community Resource Center located near her school. The Center provides her with a healthy, after-school lunch.

"She gets tutoring three times a week. She gets food. Her mother is able to access other programs and services at the Center. She can get diapers for her sister, she has a baby sister. So I think it has helped her family tremendously," said Lonardo.

Indiya's tutoring sessions consist of geometry, math, reading and writing.

"At first I wasn't really interested but when I came, I started liking it. And I thought it was fun," Indiya said.

"My favorite subject is science."

As the oldest of three children, Indiya says she is passing her good study habits onto her two younger sisters.

"I make sure they do their work. And I make sure they get their education, because they're going to be going to good schools like me. They're not going to be on the streets."

Horton's Kids currently works with over 500 children in Ward 8.

NOTE:Gannett Foundation has provided a grant to Horton's Kids.

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