ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA9) -- This is a story of a lost ring returned to its rightful owner, 45 years later.

WUSA9 was there when ring and owner were reunited.

In 1968, Richard Nixon was elect president.The Detroit Tigers won the World Seriesand a gallon of gas was 25 cents. That same year, Dorian Gary Brandau graduated from Groveton High School in Alexandria, Virginia.

"I got my ring in 68. I lost my ring, went into the service in 68."

Dorian last saw the ring at his old home where he use to live in a quiet Alexandria neighborhood.

Dorian went into the Navy, got married and moved to Springfield, Virgina.

Fast forward 45 years, two homeowners later and something unique was uncovered in the wood chips.

Jan Varner said, "I took down an old pine tree. There was a big stump and I decided to ground it out last week.I was standing there wondering what to plant there and I saw a glint and I pulled out a class ring."

It said Groveton High School and Class of 1968.

Jan Varner began the hunt, for the ring's rightful owner even though it was heavily damaged by the stump grinder.

"I was determined to find out who's ring it was. I took it to the jewelers who opened it up. There were initials DGB," said Varner.

Friends and strangers took to Social media in search of DGB

"I know if it were my ring I would want it back."

A week later: success.

Brandau said, "I get a call. I said Hello. The guy says are you Dorian Gary Brandau? I say Yes. Did you go to Groveton. Yes? Do you have your class ring? I said No. Do you know where you lost it? No. Well we have a ring that says DGB. Ok. I'm thinking, is someone pulling my leg?"

The two decided to meet at an old Groveton High School Hangout, the Krispy Kreme donut shop off Route 1.

Brandau: Hello! Nice to meet you!
Varner: Here it is.
Brandau: I Never thought I'd see it. Unbelievable! Wow!
Most people would throw it away. And all that trouble to find me. I really thank you so much!

Jan Varner is determined to find the stone that must still be in the ground.Brandau hopes to restore the ring.

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