WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- In just 14 years speed cameras have turned into a major source of revenue for Washington, D.C. government. During the last fiscal year they brought in nearly $85 million. That last figure has many crying foul, saying speed cameras are nothing more than a cash grab for the city.

AAAopposed the use of speed cameras for raising cash but a whole lot of money is being made. In fact,one camera on the 600 block of New York Avenue in Northeast has raked in $17.8 million in the last 2.5 years.

Delia Goncalves reported from that location on Tuesday morning. She says there are new reports that say the fines have been reduced but the number of violations are still going up.

On the Metrolitan Police Departmentwebsite, they have a list of the cameras they have here in the city: http://mpdc.dc.gov/page/speed-camera-locations

There are about 146 cameras in D.C.inall seven police precincts and then, of course, police officers can put the mobile units -- the cars with the speed cameras --anywhere they want. Many of the speedviolators are commuters in the New York Avenue corridor with Maryland and Virginia tags.

While many drivers detest the cameras, polls say that D.C. residents actually like the cameras, and feel safer that they are around.The cameras have been around for more than a dozen years. Police say they have changed some speeding behaviors in school zones and construction areas.

AAAopposes cameras for revenue only.

The top three speed cameras in the Districtare:

  1. KStreet at Washington Tunnel. At this location, 61,061 tickets were issued, which brought in$8.1 million last year.
  2. Southbound D.C. 295. More than 33,000 tickets were issued, which raked in $4.6 million.
  3. 600 block of New York Avenue Northeast. 32,000 tickets issued, for a revenue of $4.7 million.
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