CAROLINE COUNTY, Va. (WUSA9/AP) -- People in Caroline County are not happy about bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaevbeing buried here.

Doswell is the home of KingDominionand people here do not want this place associated with an alleged terrorist accused of killing Americans.

When Tsarnaev wassecretlyburied at theIslamic cemetery in Doswell Va., neighbors were infuriated. They say they should have been consulted first.

The Virginia woman whose actions led to Tsarnaev being buried about 30 miles north of her Richmond home said she has no regrets despite an angry backlash from local officials and some cemetery neighbors.

Martha Mullen, a mental health counselor in private practice and a graduate of United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio, helped arrange for the burial Thursday at a small Islamic cemetery in Caroline County, after hearing on the radio about the difficulty finding a burial spot for Tsarnaev.

The secret interment ended a frustrating search for a community willing to take the body, which had been kept at a funeral parlor in Worcester until his body was moved to Virginia this week, unbeknownst to Caroline county officials.

"If you want to know how we feel, we are very angry over the bombing. We are like most Americans. That's not something that is supposed to happen. So we are not happy about that particular incident," officials said at a press conference.

Tsarnaevwas killed April 19 in a getaway attempt after agun battlewith police. His younger brother, Dzhokhar, was captured later and remains in custody.

Dozens of communities refused to take the body over concerns aboutgrave-sitevandalism and backlash from the public. Caroline county's sheriff says they are concerned.

It wasn't the owners of the cemetery whoinitiatedthe burial, but a woman in Richmond, a Christian, who said her faith tells her to love your enemies.

So how did the secret get out?

Take a look at Tamerlan Tsarnaev'sdeath certificate attached which states that he was shot by police and run over and dragged by a vehicle. As required by state law, it also shows where his body is buried: Doswell, Va.

Officials here are looking at the law to see if they can move him but at this point, since the cemetery is private property, it looks like Tamerlan Tsarnaev's body is here to stay.

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