SOUTHEAST, D.C. (WUSA9) -- A three-year-old little girl is back home from the hospital after being hit by a stray bullet.

Aisha Brown was playing on the balcony of her apartment when bullets started flying and one of them struck her in the leg. The shooting happened just after 6 p.m., Thursday night in the 2400 block of Elvans Road in Southeast.

WUSA9 was there around 12 Friday afternoon, when Aisha's dad carried his daughter up the stairs to their apartment.

They returned home after one of the most frightening ordeals this little girl has ever known.

One that mom never wants to repeat.

Michelle Brown, mother, "oh man, just to go through this as a mother of a 3-year-old shot, I don't even know what to say.

Michelle Brown explains Aisha was playing on the balcony when she heard shots fired.

Instinctively, she grabbed her daughter and brought her inside. The little girl didn't know what hit her and mom didn't know her daughter had been shot.

"She was on the floor and she wouldn't get up, I said Aisha just get up. She couldn't get up. I see blood on her leg. I'm thinking when I snatched her did I make her leg bleed, as I lift her up a bullet fell out of her pants. And when I pull her pants down there's a bullet hole the size of a nickel."

Aisha was in the wrong place at the wrong time even at her own home, but mom knows her daughter is lucky to be alive and is able to come home.

"I just want to say to those who do whatcha all do with gun violence, please stop because we have innocent children out here."

Metropolitan Police have just released surveillance video that captures two persons of interest and need your help in identifying them.

If you have any information about this case or can identify the people in the surveillance video call: 202-727-9099.
There is a $1000 dollar reward for information leading to an arrest.

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