WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA 9) --- Dr. Robert Dickey, a pediatrician who has served the Southeast community in the District for decades, stood in front of Magistrate Judge Alan Kay for an initial hearing. The court provided the elderly Dickey headphones tohelp him hearthe judge more clearly.

He faces a charge of possession of child pornography.He was arrested yesterday, Wednesday, afterlaw enforcement officialsfound him watching child porn in his residence. The residence also servesas his medical office.

Eric Coleman is a father of a five-year-old son who has beena patient of the doctor since birth. He would like obtain his son's medical records from the doctor's office.

"I'm just really concerned about what was going on," said Coleman to WUSA 9 after sitting in court.

Hisson was recommended to Dr. Dickey through family because the doctor has been serving the area for generations, according to Coleman.

"He seemed to have a pretty good reputation, it's just disappointing," Coleman added.

Colemansaid the doctor had a casual conversation with him recently.He said the doctor "did not care for" high school-aged patients who had broken bones.

The prosecution and the defense (doctor) agreed toa 15-day extension on the preliminary hearing. The prosecution requested the extension tohave time togather evidence, since the doctor's arrest happened yesterday.

Judge Alan Kay detained the doctor without bond.

The preliminary hearing is set forMay 23, 2013at 1:45 p.m.

Coleman says he plans to attend that hearing.

Reported by: Elizabeth Jia
WUSA 9 & WUSA9.com

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