WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Virginia's race for Governor is heating up with questions surrounding both candidates.

Republican Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia's Attorney General, is under scrutiny for taking thousands of dollars in gifts and not reporting some of them.

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And Democrat Terry McAuliffe is facing questions about his business practices and tax returns.

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"I can assure you the man with the plan is Terry McAuliffe!" said Senator Mark Warner at a rally for in Arlington for Terry McAuliffe, Democratic candidate for Virginia Governor.

"It matters...that's why I'm running for Governor of Virginia," said McAuliffe.

But questions continue surrounding several of McAuliffe's recent business ventures, including Greentech automotive, which he started in Mississippi. He had said it would provide thousands of jobs produce thousands of U.S.-made vehicles. But it hasn't. But McAuliffe resigned as company chairman last year amid concerns over the company's production claims and financing. Issues Republican leaders, like Fairfax GOP Chair Jay McConville, enjoy pointing out.

"He's running on this idea that he has this great business acumen and that's just doesn't hold water with me, or with many democratic strategists who are voicing some really concerns about that. Because of his time with Green Tech Automotive and what appears to be a failure of that business," said McConville.

McAuliffe, the former Democratic National Committee Chairman lost the primary for Governor four years ago, failing to overcome his critic's accusations of being a carpet bagger from out of state even though he's lived in McLean for more than 20 years.

McAuliffe has been touring the state trying to overcome the Transplant image...that's one problem Cuccinelli doesn't have.

George Mason University public policy expert Dr. Jeremy Mayer says Cuccinelli has Virginia cards to play: "It'll be harder to convince a lot of Fairfax voters that Cuccinelli is some strange, wild, right-wing extremist because he comes across as 'just folks' and they voted for him before." Mayer says if Cuccinelli can cut into the Democrats margin in Northern Virginia, he'll probably win."

But, Mayer says Cuccinelli could face more criticism in the Star Scientific FBI probe of thousands of dollars in gifts from CEO Jonnie Williams to Governor McDonnell and Attorney General Cuccinelli. Cuccinelli took a total of $18,000 in gifts and failed to report a portion until recently.

"What I most regret is making my mistake in reporting. We're a disclosure state and a lot of what I had I disclosed on time. I went back and found some mistake and I brought them forward. I was transparent about that just like I was about my tax returns for eight years. My opponent isn't doing any of those things," said Cuccinelli.

Dr. Mayer says McAuliffe needs to release his tax returns.

"If he can do what we forced [Mitt] Romney to do, he should do it. And the only reason to not release your taxes at this point is that there's something worse than not releasing your taxes," said Mayer.

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