WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- USA Today film critic Dennis Moore discussed a couple of films that might qualify for the "bromance" category.

We started with Johnny Depp wearing lots of makeup in "The Lone Ranger." The movie opens July 3rd with Depp playing Tono and Armi Hammer playing the title character. The director is Gore Verbinski, who also did the Pirates movies with Depp.

Moore says, "There's playfulness and a lot more serious and action to this. Some of it is just breathtaking."

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are reunited in "The Internship" co-starring as a couple of fired salesmen desperate to find a new job. But Moore says if you want to see them together in an awesome bromance then just go see "Wedding Crashers" again instead of "The Internship."

"Go see Wedding Crashers.. Rent it. You'll enjoy it a lot more. This is really sophomoric whereas Wedding Crashers was really surprising. It caught people off-guard because it was so clever."

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