WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Last week we told you the summer blockbuster movie season kicks off Friday with Iron Man 3.

USA Today's entertainment editor Dennis Moore joined us to take a look first at "The Great Gatsby." Baz Luhrmann's is the fourth big screen treatment of The Great Gatsby: there were others in 1926, 1949 and 1974. This film wasoriginally set to be released in the holiday season last year.Moore talked about how the film was shot in 3D and a little about the acting of Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey McGuire.

"The director is known for valued visuals more than storytelling. but in this case, it is mesmerizing. It is gorgeous. The costumes, the sets are lavish. but Leo really gets into the role of Gatsby and carries you all the way through the film."

Also, the soundtrack was created by Jay-Z! Moore told us, "So you have this music that is very contemporary, but helps tell this story which was set back in the jazz age. So you get a real connection to it."

If you would like Hollywood leading men to save the world, you might like the new Brad Pitt movie. It's out June 21 and it's called World War Z and it involves zombies.

Zombies and Brad Pitt sounds like it could be a winning combination but some people said the film was incoherent, says Moore.

"They had to bring in Damien Lou Wall...one of the writers and creators of "Lost" to write the final third again. They shot 40 more minutes of it and they think it could be one of the big 'fix it' movies of Hollywood history," explained Moore.

OnJune 14th, a British actor Henry Cavillis the latest to don the red cape and the suit with the big S in "Man of Steel."

"In the first one, there was a moment where Lois Lane said 'you're from Krypton, right?' He said 'yeah' and he just dropped it. It's like -- wait a minute!" said Moore.

He continued, "This one really fills that up, goes all the way back to the beginning and retells the story of how he got to Earth. How he was really -- people frightened of him. The Army took him into control. So he really had to prove himself in this one. It's a much richer tale than the old 'Superman.'"

Oh, and Russell Crowe plays his father.

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