WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA9) -- A new study out of theUniversity of California BerkeleySchool of Public Health that tested 32 different lipsticks and lipglosses, found that not only did many of theproducts contain lead, but also other metals.

While lead was detected in 24 products, manganese, titanium, and aluminum were also found in all of the products.

Since metals in cosmetic products are not regulated by the U.S. FDA, researchers are concerned. Generally, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention stipulates that the intake of any amount of lead is unsafe.

Consumers are warned not to allow children to play with lip products, as lead intake at a young age isdangerous. Continually blotting lipstick through the day can lessen the amount consumed and reapplication should only occur when necessary.

The University of California study also concludes that "toxic metals in cosmetics should be regulated to protect women's health in the US, as already been undertaken by the European Union through their Cosmetics Directive."

These researchers plan to implement future studies abouthow estimated exposures compares with current health standards concerning lip products.

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