MCLEAN, Va. (WUSA9) -- A Saudi diplomatic compound in McLean is now the center of a possible human trafficking case.

The details are scarce, but what little is known is certainly bizarre. On the 6000 block of Orris street in McLean is the mansion, said to be home of the Saudi military attaché.

It was raided yesterday by federal agents from homeland security investigations and ICE. It was at this compound that federal agents claim to have rescued two women.

The women are believed to be from the Philippines.A source close to the investigation tells WUSA9 they both speak English and they were in the U.S. legally with passports indicating they may have been here to do domestic work.

Neighbors we spoke are in awe of the allegations coming out of this compound.Even a catering crew who showed up to work a dinner party here seemed surprised.

"If I would have known I wasn't gonna go anyways."

Federal authorities wouldn't say much else in regards to these speculations except to confirm they are looking into this being a possible human trafficking case.It's unclear who alerted the authorities to these women, but they are said to be safe in their care.

Now here is where all of this gets bizarre there are no charges in any of this.

Investigators are now on the process of trying to find out who if anyone was holding these women and why.Furthermore, if someone who lives here is found to be responsible for a criminal act they may have diplomatic immunity given this all happened is sovereign soil.

Needless to say this investigation has a long way to go.

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