WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- If you are thinking about tackling a new career, it's good to know if the job you are leaving is really worse than the one you are going to.

Sometimes in life, the devil you know is better than the one you don't know. That's where surveys of employees can come in handy, like this one from It ranks 200 careers from best to worst -- based on work environment, income, outlook and stress.

The best job in America is an Actuary. These folks access risk -- often for insurance purposes. The national median salary rings in at $87,600 and they are in high demand.

Actuaries were followed by Biomedical Engineer, Software Engineer, Audiologist -- they check your hearing --and financial planner.

Those are the top 5 best jobs in this survey. Now to the bottom 5 worst.

The worst job in America came in as Newspaper Reporter. The national median salary is $36,000 and the job market for reporters is sinking, not growing.

Newspaper reporters were followed by lumberjack, enlisted military personnel, actor and oil rig worker.

The most stressful jobs in Americaare enlisted military personnel, military general, firefighter, airline pilot and PR executive.

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