WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA9) -- On the heels of the Boston attacks,Washington, DC is onheightenedalert.

People are on edge after letters that indicated the potentially deadly poison Ricin were discovered on Tuesday. More letters were found on Wednesday at the Senate buildings.

Ed Greiman with the Iowa Cattle Association was visiting Senator Grassley when the alert went out.

Greiman said, "We were in the building.. they announced over the intercom of a suspicious envelope filed on the first and third floor. No one was allowed to enter or leave the building."

But in short order, the building was back open, allowing Katie Duesil to come and attend a reception.

"I'm really anxious and nervous. I grew up in the DC area accustomed to shutdowns but coming to the building and not knowing what to expect, it's an anxious time."

Maryland Senator Ben Cardin, (D) now presides in Senator Daschle's office. It's the same office that received an anthrax laced letter in 2001.

"As a result of Boston, everyone is on heightened alert. We hope they pan out to be nothing, but we want to make sure we are safe."

Senator Cardin has been told by the Segeant of Arms to look for suspicious looking mail, anything with lots of tape, misspellings.
Senator Cardin has implemented a self-imposed restriction on his state offices to not open any mail for at least the next two days.

No mail comes to the Capitol without getting screened. Cardin says his Senate office will not be receiving mail for the next two days because of more screening at the off-site mail facility.

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