ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA) --- A local principal who ran in the Boston Marathon quickly let his school in Rockville know he was safe.

Andrew Winter says he used his cellphone, his Twitter account and an automated phone message totell his community at Lucy V. Barnsley Elementary School thathe was unharmed after the blast yesterday.

He said he finished the race about half an hour before the bombs went off.

Today he continued to show his studentshe was just fine.

"I was out on the front steps when the students came in, high-fiving and welcoming the students. 'Hey! So you're back! You know, glad you're ok.' 'Yep, I'm fine.' You know, I'm here and just try to reassure. No discussions because there is no need, let the parents handle that."

Principal Winter ran as a fundraiser for JDRF formerly known asJuvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

"If you don't continue doing what you love and have passion for, you know, then the terrorist action ends up winning," said Winter.

"So I think it is important to continue following your goals and your dreams and I like running."

Reported/Written by: Elizabeth Jia
WUSA 9 & WUSA9.com

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