WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- More than 1,200 people from the D.C. region were signed up to run the Boston Marathon. Of the people registered for the race, 452 people were from Maryland, 171 from D.C., and 654 were from northern Virginia.

Some of the runnersstarted returning home Monday night. Many more are expected back into the region starting Tuesday.

Therewere four flights on the board at Reagan National Airport scheduled forTuesday morning with the shuttles coming in from Boston.

We caught up with Amy Biondi-Huffman from Ohio who is visiting a local friend after a harrowing experience in Boston. "I had crossed the finish line about 29 minutes before the bombs went off. It was my first Boston Marathon and I ran much faster than I usually run. So I'm very thankful because had I run my normal pace, I probably would have been there about the time the bombs went off," she shared while at Reagan National Airport on Tuesday.

She like, Lauren Gabler of DC, feels drained. "I couldn't sleep.I mean, it was probably 4:00 a.m. before I fell asleep and woke up around 6:00 to camp my flight back to D.C.," shared Gabler.

After intensetraining, a day that should have been triumphant turned profoundly tragic. Gabler said, "WhenI walked out into the Boston harbor, it was eerie and sad. You could feel the whole city was very sullen."

Department of Homeland Security police patrolled the airport while a bomb-sniffing dog paid close attention to garbage cans.

Despite the safety concerns,Huffman is undaunted.She says she will run the Boston Marathon again.

"Itold my family members, you can live your life in fear but then you're not really living your life and running is about living your life," said Huffman.

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