FAIRFAX COUNTY, Virginia (WUSA9)--Children in the Franconia neighborhood named him Biscuit.He was a shaggly little dog, a shih-tzu. And very elusive. No one was able to get close to him. As best anyone could tell Biscuit was either abandoned by an owner who moved or left on his ownafter his owner died. No one knows for sure. But neighbors say Biscuit has been running around the Franconia area for two years living off of any food he could find. Hiding from those trying to save him.

However, life has just gotten a whole loot better for Biscuit thanks to Fairfax Animal Control Officer Enna Lugo and a team of volunteers.

Folks in the community and professional rescue groups had been trying to catch Biscuit for several months when Officer Lugo came to the resuce.

This past Satruday, Lugo, along with staff from the Fairfax shelter and shelter volunteer got their dog.

"When they arrived on the scene off of Manchester Boulevard and Beulah Road Saturday, April 6 around 8 a.m., Biscuit was not in his usual spot under a residential patio," says a news release. "Officer Lugo was concerned that he had fled the area. But he was soon spotted nearby, huddled in a nest of leaves where he had made a bed. Animal control officers and volunteers surrounded him, where they quickly caught him with a net and transported him to the veterinarian."

As you can imagine, Biscuit needed a serious cleaning up. He was shaved, treated for a tick infestation (40 of them), and a skin infection.

Biscuit, who appears to be 3 or 4-years-old, takes well to people handling him. For now Officer Lugo will be fostering him until he is ready to be put up for adoption.

"I told the residents that even if it took me a year, I would catch Biscuit and get him to a loving home," says Officer Lugo.

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