WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un is being accused of playing a game of brinkmanship.

But now as tensions rise those watching this game of chicken here in Washington, and across the globe are hoping an all out war isn't accidentally started.

"It's kind of scary since my family is in Korea and i'm living here."

Hanna Yoo lives in northern Virginia but she is in constant contact with her husband and the rest of her family in South Korea.

If Kim Jong Un makes good on his threats, we could be days away from witnessing a devastating nuclear attack on South Korea.

"Some people think that he is just doing it to show his power that he can do whatever he wants," Yoo said.

His motivation is still a bit of a mystery. The young leader has been widely criticized to not be fit for his role, and he may be flexing his countries muscle for no other reason that to get the world's attention.

"I don't know what kind of game this young man is playing," Sen. John McCain said.

Senator McCain was on Face The Nation this morning talking about the brewing crisis.

He believes if there is a reason for the show of power it may be to get much needed resources for a country stricken with famine and an inability to provide for it's people.

"They comfront, there's crisis, then we offer them incentives, food, money...in the meanwhile the most oppressive and repressive regime on earth continues to function," he said on the show.

The United States has strong interests in that region. At the moment the chief one is the safety of it's allies in Japan and South Korea.

Inevitably, a North Korean strike would mean a U.S. involvement.

"I think they should know that between the U.S. And South Korea we have so much military power we can actuallypulverize North Korea," saidJames Han, South Korean native.

The hope from those watching the conflict here at the home is that it won't come to that. But until Kim Jong Un backs off there is no real way to tell what might happen next.

" I think they can start a war but they will never win," said Han.

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