ANNAPOLIS (WUSA9) -- This could be the week that Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley's sweeping gun bill could take a huge leap closer to becoming a reality.

The amended bill will hit the floor of the Maryland State House this week. There are so many components to this bill, and both sides are quite steadfast. We've picked three issues and asked a representative from both sides to give us their take on them.

Issue One:The current gun bill hitting the House floor would ask future gun buyers to get fingerprinted.

Shannon Alford is the state liaison for the NRA. She says buying a gun is a fundamental right.

"We're talking about law abiding citizens, people who are not criminals, if they were, they'd be denied the purchase of the firearm in the first place, and that's what they are asked to do, to go down and go through this extensive onerous process."

For rebuttal, Democratic Senator Brian Frosh, a champion for gun control, "It's not making it harder for law-abiding citizens to get guns. If you're a law abiding citizen, and you have to give somebody your fingerprints, what's the big deal? It's a big deal, if you're a criminal and you have to give your prints and that's the point."

Issue Two: The ban on assault style rifles.

Senator Frosh is on the ban's side, "I don't know why people need military weapons. the AR-15, the Bushmaster, they've been used in mass killings, they're really good for that, i don't know what else they're good for."

Alford presents the other side, "The AR-15, modern sporting rifle, that rifle is America's most popular rifle. And it's used for sporting purposes, it's used extensively in competitive shooting sports, it's used for hunting."

Issue Three: The limit of magazine capacity to 10 rounds.

Frosh points to the shooting of Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. He says Jared Lee Loughner used a gun with a 33 round magazine. He shot 19, killing 6, "If we had 10 round limit, maybe that little kid would be alive today and maybe there wouldn't be many people who were wounded by him."

But Alford says, what about when you're defending yourself from a pair of home invaders, "Putting a limit on your magazine capacity are actually going to cost some lives."

Many say this bill is now likely to dominate the final full week of the General Assembly.

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