WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- The opening day for the Washington Nationals was all about the military.

Normally we do get a flyover here at Nats park for opening day, not this year.Sequester?

Sequester,budgetcuts, it's a problem, but who needs a flyover when you have the fourth living medal of honor recipient from the war inAfghanistanthrowing the opening pitch?

"It's truly an honor, i mean throw out the first pitch opening day especially the season the nationals had last year," Former SSG. Romesha said.

Former Army Staff SergeantClint Romesha knows a thing or two about stepping up to the plate.

Three years ago he was injured while defending an american outpost inAfghanistanfromTalibanfighters. He was outnumbered, outgunned and was hit by shrapnel but that didn't stop him from running through enemy fire to rescue the bodies of fallen soldiers.

"We were taking everything from very people are sighs sniper fire, automatic weapon fire -- very precise sniper fire, automatic weapon fire, machine guns, mortar fire," he said.

So it's almost hard to imagine that that same guy could actually be nervous when he steps up to this plate.

"You always get nervous," he said. "I played a little bit of little league growing up but a lot of times overseas we'd get balls and gloves sent to us and you'd sit there and play catch with your soldiers."

The former staff sergeant watched from the field with his family as the national anthem was sang and the national guard unfurled a national flag.

"One of those great moments to share with the family and to have them come out and see opening day of baseball, how much more American pie than that can you get?" he said. "I'm just honored to be recognized but more honored to be able to celebrate this with the great soldiers we got here today and the soldiers that are overseas serving."

During the opening ceremony pitch the ball actually bounced to the catcher who was Gio Gonzalez but, of course, the fans didn't care and he didn't seem to mind either. He was just lucky that he had a good throw.

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