HUNTINGTOWN, Md. (WUSA9) -- A retired D.C. police officer acted in self defense during a confrontation on his doorstep that left one suspect dead and another fleeing, according to Calvert County Sheriff Mike Evans.

"He was fearing for his life and acted in self defense," Evans said.

The incidentoccurred at10:30 P.M. Sunday at the home of retired officer West H. Taylor III on Harlequin Court in Huntingtown.

Investigators say Taylor grabbed his pistol when he heard pounding at his front door. He was confronted at the door by two suspects who made "aggressive movements toward him," Evans said. One suspect was brandishing a weapon that Evans declined to specify. "It was not a firearm," Evans said.

Taylor shot one suspect at the doorstep, and the second suspect fled in an unidentified vehicle that may have bullet damage, Evans said.

The name of the dead suspect has not been released. The second supect is not in custody. Police are looking for the vehicle and any other leads as the investigation continues.

Evans said the reason why the suspects approached Taylor's home in a stately subdivision outside Huntingtown is a complete mystery to investigators.

Taylor declined to talk about the incident to WUSA9. He said he served on the Metropolitan Police force for 21 years.

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