WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Every day we come into work we expect the unexpected.

Video of a dramatic rescue on thePotomacRiver shows the U.S. Park Police aviation team helping a man who was stranded on a rock after his kayak flipped over.

"He had gotten his anchors caught on a rock and the water flipped over his boat," Sergeant Timothy Ryan said.

Sgt. Ryan was the one lowered down to the rock. He said the victim was in a dangerous spot in the middle of rocks, a tough place to get to by boat.

"Every place these rocks are the water has to rush. The water picks up speed and strength. People get trapped under those wraps."

He was able to get a harness on the victim and they moved the man off the rock and to safety. A successful mission they say went by the books.

"I checked the cables on it, the cutters here," the pilot said.

He said it was a beautiful day helping to ensure a smooth operation.

"It definitely has its challenges, sure. Today was a great way, not bad weather, not bad winds," he added.

As the weather gets nicer, park police say today's rescue serves as a reminder of how dangerous the river can be.

"The majority of the river is deeper than you think it is and a lot more powerful than you think it is," Sgt. Ryan said.

The man is in good health conditions and this team says the mission was all in a day's work.

"This is what we train to do, what we hope to do when we come in is be of service to somebody who," Sgt. Ryan said.

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