WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Don't tell your mom I told you this but apparently, texting or emailing "thank you" is rude.

Hey, I'm just the messenger - blame the NY Times. Apparently doing this is rude too.

"Hey It's Manny, give me a call about that politeness story when you get back, ok? Thanks."

And this:

"What's the weather going to be like tomorrow? Are you kidding me? No, really, I'm really asking."

Why rude? Because, apparently, in the digital age, they're considered time-wasters. A second for a thank you - or to ask someone something that they could easily look up on their phone - Is apparently way too much. Or is it?

So we asked: Do you listen to your voice mails?

"I would say so, I appreciate it when friends leave voice mails."

"Children, it's just part of their DNA now."

We spoke to Nancy Mitchell, from The Etiquette Adocate, "Manners and courtesy means that you're attuned to what other people need, and you're flexible."

She says being polite is about crafting your message to the person who's going to get it. If you're talking to a teen, maybe this is ok.

"Sometimes your audience is a different generation, if you're smart, and caring, and courteous, you're thinking about who's my audience, who's my recipient," Mitchell.

Let's just hope everyone turns their cell phone off when they have dinner together.

Remember when asking for directions was a thing? Next time, someone asks you , send them a link to lmgtfy.com.

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