FREDERICK, Md. (WUSA9) -- If you're planning on running, biking or hiking this weekend in Frederick, Maryland, keep your eyes open and be careful. Local bicyclists say someone is planting booby traps along a popular trail in the watershed area.

Bicyclist Daniel Siegfried saw it firsthand, "Almost like a 5 by 5 piece of wood, about an inch thick with a serrated edge to it." Siegfried showed a picture to his boss at the Frederick bike shop where he works, The Bicycle Escape. Manager Roger Rinker found it surprising, "Someone is driving these through the board and they sit up 2 inches, and then they're burying the whole thing in the ground."

Rinker has also seen pictures from customers who are coming in with ripped tires, "You're up there for a good time, and your tire's ripped, it's not just punctured, it's tore open, so that ends the day."

It also costs the bicycle rider between $60 and $85 for a new tire and tube. So far, no one has been physically hurt by the booby-traps, but Siegfried says it makes him think twice, "Which is really scary, it makes me not want to go up there and take my dogs when i go riding which i usually do."

Rinker also heads up the Frederick Biking Coalition and they've kept bikers and hikers informed on their Facebook page. Rinker says he's been in touch with The Department of Natural Resources about this issue. He says they ask that if you see one of the booby traps to give them a call at 410-260-8888.

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