PRINCE GEORGE'S CO., Md. (WUSA9) -- Pepco has been working on its image for a while.

Friday's recognition of 9 of its utility workers by the Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department may go a long way in helping in that department.

The nine Pepco workers are being hailed as heroes.

They were in charge of putting power into new construction, but the day ended with saving a home and a 3-year-old little boy asleep upstairs.

One worker heard the smoke alarm, saw smoke and fire in the kitchen.
Line Mechanic Ryan Callahan grabbed a fire extinguisher off a Pepco truck, and ran into the house

The mother was walking her older children to the bus stop when the Pepco team saw the fire. A couple of workers ran to get mom, a few others went inside the house to put out the fire and others were moving utility trucks to make way for the firefighters.

But before firefighters could get to the home off Richie-Marbloro Road in Upper Marlboro and down the long driveway, life was in the hands of these men.

Callahan says, "we yelled out to see if anyone was inside and no one answered. The fire kept relighting. We put it out one time and it would come back. I'm coughing and gagging. All this is going on as mom was running into the home."

Chief Marc Bashoor, Prince George's County Fire/EMS "had the fire continued, the house would have been burned, the child's life would've been in jeopardy."

Mom ran into the house and carried her 3-year-old son out of the home. By then Pepco workers knocked down the bulk of the fire.

Fire Chief Marc Bashoor recognized the 9 workers for their heroic efforts:

Donald Pfeifer

Ryan Callahan

Ricardo Johnson

Sean Cecil

tim Chick

Brandon Edwards

Steve Brown

Eric Tatum

Johnnie White

Pepco also donated 700 smoke alarms and 30 hearing-impaired smoke alarms to the fire department , something they participate in each year.

Already in this past week, Prince George's County fire installed 150 smoke alarms and hoping to get to 500 others on their waiting list.Pe

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