WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA9) -- Federal workers are now looking at up to 22 days of furloughs over the next seven months.
But like the American public,some federal workers are split over the cuts.

Romy Gallegus started at the FAA on September 11th "Having spent 26 years in federal service, most in the military, I've always felt this is a wonderful profession and a great thing to do."

But two and a half years without a raise -- and now the specter of furloughs -- has him mulling a big change. "To be honest with you, we may have to sacrifice our house."

What's interesting is that some federal workers and contractors feel what's painful for them may be good for the country. "You look around and you see a lot of inefficiency. And honestly, those are our tax dollars," says FAA contract economic analystJason DeLorenzo of Ashburn.

"Congress and the government have to find a way to live within their means," says Gallegus.

Ania Zalewski works for the Voice of America."I just can't believe Congress went home yesterday without a solution." "How do you explain this to other countries?" "We'll it's very difficult to explain."

Latasha Lee worked Hurricane Sandy for FEMA. She's been furloughed before... and accepts that it may happen again. "You have to be thankful you have a job. So if you take a furlough, you still have a job."

And in these troubled times, that's something.

In battle-scared Washington, the next battle's already on the calendar. In about three weeks, Congress will have to pass a budget to keep the government running.

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