(WUSA9)--Montgomery County Police are warning residents about an intimidating phone scam that has been used to con dozens of people out of thousands of dollars.

"Your son hit my brother's BMW at a gas station," the caller said.

The early morning call to his cell phone was so intimidating, this victim doesn't want to be identified.

But the story he heard on the other end was shocking and that's when this victim hung up and called in police.

Notably, investigators say the scammers use a technique called spoofing,causinga local 301 area code to display, when in fact the calls are coming from other areas, sometimes outside the U.S.

Victims are told to wire money to locations in Florida and Puerto Rico.

These calls started with the scammer fishing for an opening with a leading question.

In this case, "Do you have a son?" When the victim said yes, the scammers were off to the races.

Police say if this happens to you, don't give personal information and don't send money, just call police.

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